Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale


I am currently writing about a Taiwan and China co-production film Warriors of the Rainbow. The film concerns the life of aboriginal people in Taiwan during 1930 and their battleship with Japanese. The production companies of this film, which are ARS Film Production and Central Motion Pictures Corporation locate in Taiwan and the visual effects company, which is Crystal CG is in Beijing.

Crystal CG which has 3,500 employees and 14 offices across the globe was appointed as the official Digital Imaging Services Supplier for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It also created digital content for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Including producing 60 minutes of digital content for the Opening Ceremony and content for venue presentation, digital rehearsal, sports presentation and mascot animation.

Last Summer I got a chance to visit this company and interviewed the visual effects supervisor of Warriors of the Rainbow in Crystal as well as its project manager. My writing of this film will focus on the design of visual effects in relating to the cooperation between visual effects supervisor and film direct. I will also discus the cooperation between post-production company and production company as well as the condition of visual effects industry in China.

Useful link:

Crystal CG company website: http://crystalcg.co.uk/#/home


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