Supervisory meeting and research plan for July and August

I am writing this post to summarise the very useful discussion I had with my supervisors yesterday about the works I did last month and also the plan for this summer.

During the meeting both of my supervisors gave positive comments on the map practice I did. They also encouraged me to visualise more data relating to the location of the compositing companies that I am doing case studies with.

Further more, they also advice me to write analytical essays, which integrate the information shows on map, from trade press as well as film text. Moreover I can try to generates more useful questions by doing this writing and thinking.

In addition, they gave me constructive feedback on my writing about the the research I did into trade journal, which shows the industries context of digital compositing. They advice me to keep reading widely and also associated it with the film analysis.

We work out the plan for my research before next meeting, which is on 16th of September. I agreed that I will fulfill the following tasks:

1. I will draft 3000 words literature review, which includes academic publication, historical contexts as well as industrial context around my research questions.

2. I will also drafts 3000 words writing discussing my research methods.

3. I will also drafts a clearer structure for my thesis.

I will submit this three pieces of writing before 25th of August.

4. From 25th of August to 11th of September I will travel to China. I will do interview with visual effects companies in Beijing. I also plan to film the interview, which will be useful for my practice for the research.

In order to do that I will do the preparation from now to the end of month, which include:

First, book equipment in the department.

Second, contact visual effects companies in Beijing.

Third, I will work out a plan for recording sound

5. We all think it is very important to ask visual effects companies as well as professionals in indutry for participation. I have designed online survey, wrote the requests letters and passed the Bristol University research ethic review. I will do more preparation as well as introduce my research further on my blog during July,2013. I will start send out the interview request letters and the online survey questionnaire in August.

6. I will also workout a research time table from now to December.

7. I will check screen digest website: and read the relevant articles

8. I will also check  the website : for copy right information.

9. I will always keep reading, watching films blogging as well as trying to visualise the data I get.


4 thoughts on “Supervisory meeting and research plan for July and August

  1. This sounds like a good summary of our meeting. Couple of additions:

    1) You are drafting your upgrade materials for September, so you need to go to p 17 of your PG handbook (for students registered on or before 2011). At the moment, you should assume that your research will involve a substantial documentary component. This means that for Sept you need to submit 2 things, rather than 3:

    – A 6,000-word introduction, which combines an overview of your research with a literature review and discussion of your methods, especially the role of practice in your research. Ensure you’re up-to-speed with the literature on practice and film, as set out in the Practice-as-Research in Performance and Screen book and in the Journal of Media Practice, paying particular attention to the Screenworks DVDs and associated statements.
    – Thesis synopsis (detailed structure)

    Over the autumn you’ll also need to prepare as part of your December submission:
    – Full bibliography & filmography
    – A sustained example of your practice – so this will be edited documentary footage of your interview in China

    Those 4 elements form the basis of your upgrade submission, which will be assessed by 2 internal assessors.

    2) In our supervision we also discussed how you might make use of the academic communities on the meccsa and baftss discussion lists in order to find any other researchers working in your field, with whom you might share research.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. The information and explanation you provided is very useful for me. I will check the relevant document and make sure that my drafted upgrade materials follow the guidance. I will also include the new publication about the literature on practice and film on the journal you recommend in discussion of methods. I think these literature will be informative and helpful for me to identify the role of practice in my research. I will contact you and Charlotte if I have further questions. Many Thanks.

  2. I concur with Angela’s comments

    Perhaps you could also create a page (rather than a post) with information about the online survey and a link to it and invite any visitors to the site to do the survey if they are compositing people? Call it title “Survey” and it will appear next to “About” in the navigation – just a thought?
    PS. the maps are really useful and very much demonstrate the global reach of these productions now.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I think it is a very good idea to have a Survey page. I will start create the page now and also do more map practice.

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