China and South Korea have signed a tentative film co-production agreement

China and South Korea have signed a tentative film co-production agreement

Screen Digest reports that China and South Korea have signed a tentative film co-production agreement. Both of the two countries expects to sign a formal co-production treaty during 2013. If the treaty was successfully be signed, it will benefit the co-production projects in the following ways:

1.Co-production projects will enjoy free market access regardless of the Chinese foreign film quota.

2.Co-production projects will also enjoy tax benefits from both countries.

The article especially mentioned that South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) expects the co-production treaty to create growth in film VFX and employment of film crews.

Moreover the Korean Film Council opened a ‘Korean Film Business Centre’ in Beijing in 2012 to support co-production and backed other collaboration with the Chinese film industry.

In addition it also contains the useful information : To date, China has signed co-production treaties with Canada, Italy, Australia, France, New Zealand, Belgium and Singapore and is also in talks with Spain and Brazil.

This article provides a part of context for my study.

Firstly, it informs me to look further about the influence of government policy on the development of visual effects industries in certain nations such as China New zealand and UK. Especially from the perspective of economy, tax and employment policy.

Secondly, I need to look at more about if there is any more co-production agreement or related trade agreement between countries, which might influences the cooperation among countries for visual effects in films.

Thirdly, I will further look at the cooperation between China and South Korea for film visual effects. I will contact the Korean Film Business Centre in Beijing and find out if I can interview the when I am traveling to China this Summer.

In the end, I will also think why the governments of the two countries are seeking cooperation in the field of film making. And also if government  makes effects  in the field, is the result of  this collaboration will be the mix of Chinese and south Korean Culture?


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