China and South Korea Co-production Visual Effects Film: Mr. Go (2013)

China and South korean co-production film: Mr. Go (2013)

The image above is the poster of  the Korea-China joint-production film Mr. Go which will be released in July this year. The gorilla in this image is a CG character in this film which is produced by  visual effects companies in Paju, Korea named Dexter Digital. This studio is  founded by film director Tim, which is responsible for all the 3D imaging and visual effects of the film.

After I read the report about the co-production agreement between China and Korea, I Checked the English Website of South Korean government called: And found some useful information about the co-prodction visual effects film. I plan to do more research into Dexter Digital and also other south korean visual effects studios and also contact one of the producer of Dexter Digital, who is in China.

The report of the also provides background information about Dexter Digital and the film. The founder of this studio who is a Korean Director Kim has tried to corporate with Industrial Light and Magic  four years ago. He realized that it would cost almost KRW 80 billion to do special effects for the film in Hollywood, and he only had a budget of KRW 22.5 billion. He decided to do it on his own in Korea, spending KRW 3 billion from his pocket and founding Dexter Digital. One of reason why the cost reduced is because the studio hire less people. As Kim said,  “In the end, 180 artists made something from scratch with crazy passion.”

The part of the report about the film reveal the fact budget is one of the crucial problem that visual effects industry in Korea or other asia countries faced. As when I was interview the project manager in Crystal CG, which is a visual effects companies in Beijing, he also mentioned that they only got a little time and limited budget to finished the tasks for the domestic market. How dose  it influences on the work they done?  How does the 180 artists in the studio manage to fulfil the task?

As a report about Crystal CG in one of the major Chines online news platform named Sina says artists in Crystal CG was almost ill when were fulfilling their tasks for the film Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale. If the time and budget for visual effects project could be increase, does it mean the artist may have a chance to do a even better job? What factors the influence the budget that is available for visual effects?


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