Supervision Notes

I have met with both of my very supportive supervisors Angel Piccini and Charlotte Crofts on 22nd of April to discuss the progress of my research. The purpose of the meeting includes reviewing the current progress of my research, preparing upgrade interview and planning tasks such as further readings and interview with professionals in the VFX industry.

I have received very constructive advice from both of my supervisors and the outcomes of the meeting includes:
1) Action points for getting ready for the upgrade interview on the 16th of May which are in-depth reading of the materials I submit and trying to identifying any possible gaps by myself; wider reading and increase the understanding of the border fields of theory and methods in film studies in order to get a deeper critical understanding of the methods/theories I choose for my research; generating a note for me to effectively communication my research ideas with upgrade examiner orally.
2) Schedule for processing my research. After the meeting, I will focus on building further contacts with visual effects companies that I planned to interview which aims to get an understanding of the contemporary practice and networks of visual effects industry for digital compositing. I will also prepare a more specific interview questions lists in relating to each company and the key films that I am researching into. I will also further analysis the trade publication in relating to the key films and continually generate maps/chats and other visual materials to illustrate the different layers/types of networks during the process of compositing practice. My supervisors also advice me to be aware the accountability and editorial police of the trade publications in order to avoid possible bias of their opinions.
3) Theoretical readings. During the discussion, we also identify the needs for me have a deeper understanding of theories relating the networks of practice/actor-networks theories such as Bourdieu, John Law, Knorr Cetina, Comolli, Wood and Foucault. I will write annotated bibliography while doing the theoretical readings.


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