November Supervision with Angela and Charlotte

I have had a productive meeting with both of my supervisors Angela and Charlotte to review my current progress on my research. We disused my primary research, which focus on the survey and interview with professionals in visual effects companies. I also reported my experience of conducting survey with professionals in visual effects companies located in London Soho area. Further more we discuss my trip to Siggraph Asia conference in 3rd of December. I also received feedback on my writing about the industrial contexts of digital compositing networks in UK. The advices on my writing are very useful, which includes adding more discussion about the diagram and wordle picture in the body of the article. The discussion of our meeting also includes the method of critical analysis of my research data and overall structure of my thesis. My supervisors also encourage me to make plan for publish my research on Journals.

We have achieved the following action plan after this meeting:

1. I will email the link to my survey monkey survey to all of the contacts I have obtained so far in VFX industry.

2. Prepare the poster for the coming Siggraph conference

3. Develop a marking system to make effeciet notes on the survey after conducting them for the purpose of further analysis

4. Make notes while conducting my survey face to face and get audio recorder to record any oral feedback from VFX professionals if it is possible.

5. Identify relevant academic journals for publishing my research

6. Keep contacting with targeted interviewee as well as work hard on conducting survey and interview in order to get as more primary data for my research as possible.

7. Identify trade journals to publish my interview with VFX companies if my interviewee. Prior to contacting trade journal I will inform my interviewee and get their permission first.

8. keep posting my survey on Siggraph Aisa mailling lists, conducting the survey during the conference time as well as interview the VFX community coming to the conference.

9. Reconsider the structure of my whole thesis. By the end of Jan, 2015 I will submit a edited chapter plan with my critical analysis of the primary data I have obtained so far in each chapter.


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