October Supervision with Angela and action points

I had a supervision meeting with my supervisor Angela on 25th, October for my research. We review my current progress in Writing as well as primary research. We discussed my writing about the UK contexts of visual effects industry and my research questions list for British Film Instituion regarding the recent changes in film tax relief. After this meeting I will take action in the following points:

1. Contact SIGGRAPH Asia conference committee and propose to exhibit a poster. I will also send them my enquiry for carrying out interview on the conference to collect data for my research.

2. Research into the trade show that my targeted interviewee might attend and explore chances to put poster there and interview them.

3. Keep writing about my research

4. Visit BFI in london and research into their documents as well as finding more interview chances

5. Design a questionnair and visit the targeted visual effects companies in Soho London

6. Draft a interview questions lists which contains ten questions and send to Double Negetive visual effects companies in London.

7. contacts more visual effects companeis overseas

8. Keep research into trade journals


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